Terms & Conditions

Snapchat Followers Terms and Conditions

  • If you purchased any of our plans and happen to be experiencing an outage or a disruption in our service delivery, you need not to be worried at all. To ensure that you get the best value for your money, we will extend your plan accordingly in order to reimburse for the lost downtime in such a case.
  • According to our policy, we will never ask for the password to your SnapChat account. However, it is imperative that you keep your SnapChat profile public at all the time. This is not intended at acquiring your personal information in any way, but just a condition that has to be met for us to deliver the services you purchased from us.
  • Timely delivery is one of our main objectives. In this regard, you should expect to get the likes of followers you purchased from snapchatfollowers.com within a period of ten minutes to one hour, after you have placed the order.
  • You should only expect new  followers from us for the new posts you post on your Snapchat account, after you have purchased any of out automatic likes plan. As such, you should not expect to get automatic likes or followers for the posts you place prior to purchasing our services.
  • If the website at snapchatfollowers.com is having any technical glitches, you should understand that that is their problem, which does not affect or influence our service delivery in any way. In such a case, we ask for your patience and understanding as you wait for the issue to be solved.
  • All subscriptions must be cancelled through PayPal, if need be. If you would like to cancel your subscription to our services at any time, you should do so through PayPal. This can be done by cancelling the recurring payments for our services on your PayPal account.
  • Refunds; you will only get a refund from us, if you are not satisfied with our services or there has been a major problem with our service delivery.